Programme 2017

We pleased to present the programme for 2017 which we hope members, and visitors, will find interesting and enjoyable. As ever meetings are held at Colwall Village Hall and start at 7:30, with complimentary refreshments available from 7:00.  Annual membership, due in January, is £12 and visitors pay £4 per meeting.

Monday 2nd January  –  I’m not much good at gardening (David Morgan)

David Morgan is the NGS Organiser for Worcestershire.  A gardener who, with his wife Di, has opened their garden for the past ten years. David will be entertaining us with anecdotes from his gardening life.

Monday, 6th February – Things that turn me on (Nick Macer)

Nick Macer, owner of Pan Global Plants, will be talking to us about his 25 years of obsessive plant hunting on botanical expeditions to twenty countries

Monday 6th March – Gravel Gardening (Derry Watkins)

Derry Watkins started Special Plants Nursery started thirty years ago from a derelict barn and its fields. She will be talking to us about her approach to gravel gardening and the plants that she has sourced from around the world.

Monday 3rd April – Auriculas & Primulas (Ingrid  Millington)

Ingrid Millington has grown Primulas for about 40 years. She will tell you more than you ever thought you needed to know about these stunning plants

The Michael Jefferson-Brown Spring Flowering Bulb competition; see notes


Monday 1st May – Country and Cottage Gardens (Julian Dowle)

With 10 Chelsea Golds and Membership of the Society of Garden Designers Julian Dowle will show us how to be creative in rural gardens; large or small.

Plant Sale

Monday 15th  May Gardener’s Question Time – an addition to our normal programme
The GQT will be hosted by Reg Moule, from BBC Hereford and Worcester, there will be a small charge

Monday 5th June – Siberian iris (Alun Whitehead)

Alun Whitehead, will be talking to us about his and his wife Jill’s  National Collection of  siberian iris which you can also see at their naturalistic 3-acre garden near Leominster which they open for the NGS

Plant Sale

Monday  19th June Evening Garden Visit to Bridges Stone Mill, Alfrick Pound
See notes

Monday 3rd July – Gardening Myths (Charles Dowding)

Charles Dowding will be talking to us about gardening myths. Charles has, since 1983, pioneered organic, no dig kitchen gardening.  His fourth market garden is an intensive quarter acre in SW England

Tuesday July 18th A Grand Day Out
Ashwood Nursery & Stonehouse Gardens – see notes

Monday 7th August – Down Quiet Roads in Cornwall (Adrian James)

Adrian is a garden and plant photographer.  His images are used in magazines and advertising.   He and Sheila open their garden for the NGS

Saturday 12th August – 74th Annual Summer Show

Monday 4th September  – Autumn Containers (Mark Moir)                                       

Colour, texture and form abound in Newent Plant Centre.  Mark will bring his expertise (and plants) to help us pull off similar stunning results.

Monday October 2nd   – The 30th Percy Picton Memorial Lecture

The Life and Times of a Gardener – Christine Walkden

Christine Walkden is a consultant horticulturist who has spent her life working in both amenity and commercial horticulture and she lectures and leads tours worldwide.
The Ernest Ballard Aster Competition; see notes

Monday November 6th   – The Winter Garden (Andy Mcindoe)

Andy Mcindoe is a practical horticulturist and author working for Hilliers with 40 years’ experience in ornamental horticulture. Andy has been responsible for 25 consecutive gold medal winning exhibition for Hilliers at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. His special interests include trees and shrubs.

Monday 4th December – The Really Easy Guide to Fruit Tree Pruning (Lawrence Green)

 (Note: AGM at 7pm, Lecture starts at 7:30pm)

Lawrence is the Manager of Orchard Origins, who have reduced top fruit pruning advice down to; two seasons, four cuts and two golden rules.

Monday 8th January – Are we waiting for spring? (Jeff Bates)

With over thirty five years as a professional horticulturalist, Jeff will show how to create interest in winter gardens through structure, colour and scent.


The Michael Jefferson Brown Competition is for members only; there are two classes
1. Pot or container of growing flowering bulbs, corms or tubers
2. Vase/container of cut flowers grown from bulbs, corms or tubers.
One entry per person in each class.
Exhibits are judged on quality and presentation. The Trophy
will be awarded for the best overall exhibit

Evening Garden Visit (19th June)
£5.00 per person; meet village Hall 5.30pm – tickets to be bought in advance, see Tim Beaumont

Coach Trip (18th July)
Coach trip to Ashwood Nurseries, including a tour of John Massey’s garden; then to Stone House Gardens.  Cost is £30 including travel and admission.  Lunch is not included but there is a very good cafe at Ashwood Nurseries. Coach departs from Colwall village hall at 9am, arrive by 8:30m

Annual Summer Show
Held in Colwall Village Hall from 2pm to 5pm; it has open classes.
The schedule is available at the May meeting

The Percy Picton Memorial Lecture
Admission by ticket only
Reception from 7pm

The Ernest Ballard Aster Competition
A vase of Michaelmas Daisies (perennial asters) of preferably
mixed varieties. The Trophy will be awarded to the best exhibit


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